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Advance & Elevate your team @
The Lazy Bear Ranch in Southwest Idaho

If your organization has the potential to be GREAT, plan your Advance & Elevate™ experience today.  


GREAT organizations have:

  • Deep, fruitful relationships inside and outside the org.

  • An ability to craft and deliver inspiring language 

  • A clear idea of where the organization is headed

  • CLEAR definitions of Roles & Responsibilities

  • Increased profits 

  • FUN. Regularly.

How important is it … that your team become GREAT?


ADVANCE™ & Elevate™ in the direction of GREATNESS!

Move toward a compelling future by Planting Your Flag during your exclusive Lazy Bear Ranch event!


This 3 - night, 2-day event, hosted by Super Bowl Winner Tim Wrightman & facilitated by Author, Speaker & Coach John Klymshyn, will bring you to deep understanding of:


  • What GREAT organizations believe, espouse… and DO (and what they DO NOT do)

  • How the Leaders in great organizations employ Language, both to understand and inspire their people

  • The distinction and difference between INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION – how this unleashes potential

  • What GREAT teams have in common, and how to inspire teams to deliver Great Work.

  • How to T R I U M P H (Tim Wightman’s philosophy and thought process for GREAT achievements.) 

    • How does an athlete go from NINTH on a depth chart… to a starting role?

    • How does an unknown become a working actor in Hollywood?

    • How does someone start and maintain a new business that continues to grow over a 15-year period?

  • This event will incorporate Specific Components:

    • Professional facilitation by someone NOT connected to your organization; an unbiased voice

    • Group work 

    • A Fireside Chat (followed by Q & A) with a Super Bowl Winner, in an intimate environment

    • Sharing of discoveries and ideas

    • Small group work (anyone up for a little competition?)

    • Sharing of tools for your ongoing work AFTER the event (structure, tracking, and resources included)

    • Customization of content and exercises to position your team to move forward AFTER the event

Food, lodging, refreshments, content, and facilitation for up to 12 participants.

Everything is provided… all you need to do is get to the front door.
TYPICAL AGENDA (customizable)
  • Arrive late afternoon / early evening

  • Check-in, registration, room assignments & keys

  • Tapas & soft drinks are provided; No Host Bar is open until 9:00 p.m.

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