Advance & Elevate your team @
The Lazy Bear Ranch in Southwest Idaho

If your organization has the potential to be GREAT, plan your Advance & Elevate™ experience today.  


GREAT organizations have:

  • Deep, fruitful relationships inside and outside the org.

  • An ability to craft and deliver inspiring language 

  • A clear idea of where the organization is headed

  • CLEAR definitions of Roles & Responsibilities

  • Increased profits 

  • FUN. Regularly.

How important is it … that your team become GREAT?


ADVANCE™ & Elevate™ in the direction of GREATNESS!

Move toward a compelling future by Planting Your Flag during your exclusive Lazy Bear Ranch event!


This 3 - night, 2-day event, hosted by Super Bowl Winner Tim Wrightman & facilitated by Author, Speaker & Coach John Klymshyn, will bring you to deep understanding of:


  • What GREAT organizations believe, espouse… and DO (and what they DO NOT do)

  • How the Leaders in great organizations employ Language, both to understand and inspire their people

  • The distinction and difference between INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION – how this unleashes potential

  • What GREAT teams have in common, and how to inspire teams to deliver Great Work.

  • How to T R I U M P H (Tim Wightman’s philosophy and thought process for GREAT achievements.) 

    • How does an athlete go from NINTH on a depth chart… to a starting role?

    • How does an unknown become a working actor in Hollywood?

    • How does someone start and maintain a new business that continues to grow over a 15-year period?

  • This event will incorporate Specific Components:

    • Professional facilitation by someone NOT connected to your organization; an unbiased voice

    • Group work 

    • A Fireside Chat (followed by Q & A) with a Super Bowl Winner, in an intimate environment

    • Sharing of discoveries and ideas

    • Small group work (anyone up for a little competition?)

    • Sharing of tools for your ongoing work AFTER the event (structure, tracking, and resources included)

    • Customization of content and exercises to position your team to move forward AFTER the event

Food, lodging, refreshments, content, and facilitation for up to 9 participants.

Everything is provided… all you need to do is get to the front door.
$950 per person for each additional attendee
TYPICAL AGENDA (customizable)
  • Arrive late afternoon / early evening

  • Check-in, registration, room assignments & keys

  • Tapas & soft drinks are provided; No Host Bar is open until 9:00 p.m.