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Amazon Accelerate

Congratulations! If you've landed on this page it's because you recently attended the 2021 Amazon Business Accelerate event with sales leadership coach and leading sales management
author John "Coach K" Klymshyn. 

What's Next After Your "Accelerate" training with Coach K?

What began with The Accelerate 2021 “Four True Objections” Session continues here and now:


Take your career to new heights! Learn the mechanics and nuance Coach K introduced in his Accelerate 2021 Breakout Session: “The Four True Objections… and How To Handle Them”. Adopt his “Moving Conversations Forward(™) philosophy and go deeper into the technique.  

Salespeople:  Get YOUR copy of "How To Sell Without Being a JERK! HERE 


Current and Future Sales Leaders: Prepare yourself for a productive, profitable and, professional leap forward! Listen to Coach share the insights found in his top-selling Audio Book: "The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide".  

The Chief Revenue Officer @ (The world’s LARGEST job site) calls this book:  


"The definitive guide to building, leading and inspiring Sales Teams. We have over 3600 salespeople and several hundred sales leaders. Every Sales Leader is handed a copy of this book when joining indeed, or when being promoted from one sales leadership role to another. It is Required Reading (or listening)." 

Looking to go DEEPER? Coach K conducts Master Mind Sessions, and 1:1 Coaching.


John works closely with forward-thinking leaders; he develops Managers into Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents into Executives.  What is this about? His company name offers insight: it is The Klymshyn Method. 


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Go Deeper with HandzOn Video Traning

Go deeper into Coach K’s “Moving Conversations Forward™ Curriculum in his Video Series:  “HandzOn Training”


This series of short,  High-Impact videos offer actionable takeaways and key concepts to help you sell more effectively!


  • Handling Objections™

  • Moving Conversations Forward

  • Cold Calling

  • Million Dollar Questions

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