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Book John Klymshyn & Explore, Elevate and Enrich your people

Very excited that my next book: “Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire™” will be released soon.

This book addresses the intersection between Language, Music, Creativity and Emotion, which creates a unique flashpoint.

 As a veteran of over 300 interactive and dynamic presentations, my approach is highly interactive. (no PowerPoint!)

  1. We begin with a “Fireside Chat” – one of your staff, Board or Sponsors joins me on stage to begin an interview around the power of language, the distinctions between motivation and inspiration, and how varying disciplines point us to answering the question: “What am I truly capable of?”

  2. The session moves to interaction wherein I raise questions about the distinction between Perception and Intent.

  3. Finally, exercise ensue where the attendees are brought through an eye- opening exercise that speaks to their Personal Brand.

 This material resonates with Millenials as well as those with 20+ years of work experience. It brings people together in that the themes are universal, and of significant interest… for varying reasons.


My Formats & Fees:

  1. Workshop / Breakout   (up to 90 minutes)                                     $5000  + exp

  2. Half Day Seminar / Workshop                                                     $8500  + exp

  3. Full Day                                                                                             $10,000 + exp

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