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Matt Banes

Chief Marketing Officer

A 30+ year veteran of sales, marketing and online innovation, Matt created the first inbound lead system in the history of the Modular Building Industry. 

A top-performing sales Pro with Williams Scotsman (the global leader) Banes began an entrepreneurial and consulting journey that has had him work and live in Portugal, Indonesia, Costa Rica and other exciting surfing locales, all while perfecting a system for attracting and qualifying leads for the biggest names in the industry. 

As Co- Founder of GBM Marketing, Matt took this innovation and sold it to others. 

Banes has acted as an advisor to John Klymshyn for several years, and the collaboration between them has led to Matt Serving as Marketing Advisor with The Klymshyn Method.  

Michael Albanese

Board Member, Creative Advisor

A husband, father, entrepreneur, playwright, screenwriter, film producer and driven creative soul, Michael's involvement in The Klymshyn Method reaches back years, as John's books were gaining fans and followers in the Tech, Real Estate and Staffing Industries. 


Michael's work has been performed in New York and Los Angeles, and his short film "Thirst" starred Melanie Griffith. 

As the Co- Founder of Lifestyle Management company Element and Owner of Folklore Entertainment, Albanese inspires, advises and guides creatives in all walks of life. His affinity for coffee and conversation (aka Deeper Dialogue) is legendary. 


His Advisory role with The Klymshyn Method elevates us all.

Lauren Marie

Director of Operations & Technology

Lauren started her professional career by applying systems and processes to the management of burgeoning Tech Companies, both in San Francisco and Venice, California. 

Her immediate impact bolstered profitability and created a harmonious work environment between leaders, designers and engineers. 

Recognized as a Woman In Tech early on, her affable nature and searing intelligence led her to working with a spinoff of, saving them money, retaining key talent, and making things WORK.

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