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Coach K will ask you to go deep, to open your mind, and to be willing to let go of your habits and preconceived notions. It’s impossible to objectively evaluate yourself regarding your attitude, performance, and impressions you leave with other people. Coach is here to help you achieve clarity and enhance your language to ultimately work toward your preferred future path.


From his extensive and critically acclaimed writings to insightful podcasts and video series, all of John Klymshyn's teachings will lead you down a path of learning, reflection, and ultimate clarity towards your greater passion and career.


All live sessions with Coach K bring a dynamic and immersive experience into the methodology. Participants can expect to be challenged and entertained, walking away with a deeper understanding of their purpose and passion.

All About the Language

Connecting with others at a deeper level requires sensitivity to phrasing, tone, and intent, among other things, whether it’s from a leadership perspective or just from one human to another. At the heart of Coach K’s teaching is language, and how to effectively communicate with others on your path.

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