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A NEW Language!

When 60 Minutes ran a story about the architect Antoni Gaudi and the creation that has made him famous, I was enthralled.

The structure being completed in Barcelona, Spain is the culmination of genius, creativity, faith and boldness unparalleled in modern life.

When you finish reading this, click the link at the bottom for views of something truly amazing, and boldly inspiring.

Senor Gaudi began the construction (after his design) in 1882.

The work still continues.

It is difficult for me to say which I find more impressive:

The fact that it has taken all this time (and the work is still continuing) OR

The fact that every peseta and Euro of funding has come from donations. (FOR OVER) 100 years!!!! OR….

What was said on a television report by one of the men who has dedicated his life to bringing the vision and dream of this magnificent structure to completion:

“Gaudi created a new language of architecture.”

As someone who correlates architecture and language, this statement got my attention. I rewound the scene three times.

It rocks me - deeply. Absolutely to the core of who I am.

Inventing a new language has been a dream of mine since I started reading (and writing) science fiction over thirty years ago.

Antoni Gaudi was an unmatched genius, and a man with a sense of humor.

When asked if he was concerned about how long the construction of La Sagrada Familia could take, he responded: “My client is not in a hurry.”

Faith. Determination. Vision. Will. Creativity.

Senor Gaudi embodied these most highly valued traits and pursuits.

His work and memory will be a part of my life for many years to come.

Behold the BOLD work of a TRUE Genius, and be inspired: La Sagrada Familia Website

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