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A Riddle That Is Not A Riddle...

Not being a fan of riddles, it occurs to me: the fact that I don’t like them, does not mean that NO ONE does. J

Clearly, they can be great brain testers. Or is that teasers?

So - here is our riddle for the day:

What is it that is colorless, shapeless, and transparent, yet yields great power, and offers great healing?

If you are any good at this, you have guessed: WATER.

This amazing substance is flexible, pliable, yielding, and … powerful.

Water allows us to cleanse ourselves, feed our crops, refresh us, invigorate us, transport us… and yet it has NO AGENDA.

Think about that for about 2.5 seconds: “What is WATERS’ agenda?”

Well, it has a mission, if not an agenda. Water’s mission is to seek the lowest point of gravity.

When snow melts, and rains come down, water (while in reservoirs or glasses) will seek its own level.

When and as it travels down the side of a mountain, along a river or stream, or through the sewers and tunnels, it is always headed down.

The lowest point of gravity is where it eventually finds its way to the ocean, to evaporate, enter the clouds, move over the earth, and start the whole cycle again.

Maybe not the most fascinating riddle, but it paints a picture for us.

It creates a set of mental images that I hope you take through your day.

Transparency (not invisibility). Pliability (not weakness).

Service and refreshment (without ego)

Water yields, embodies and does the bidding of one of the most powerful forces on earth.

Yet we can pour it into and out of glasses without hearing a complaint.

What is it that is transparent, pliable, sparkling and refreshing?

Maybe today – It’s you!

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