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A Whisper to a SCREAM

During a phone conversation with a long time friend, it hit me: I could not remember the last time someone was droning on about “the bad economy.”

Clients have been talking about wins, hiring, deals, and next quarter’s projections!

All that chatter about a bad economy has been replaced with fascinating talk of prosperity, future, and hope.

The government has NOT fixed or helped the economy – hard working administrators, attorneys, and service providers have.

The financial industry has not fixed the economy – sales managers, VP’s of Sales and Sales Directors have.

The MEDIA has done NOTHING to help the economy. That act - that miraculous occurrence - was created, shepherded and caused by entrepreneurs, self-employed dreamers, and large employers.

Look on line for a job in your town doing anything involving growth, sales,

development - anything involving or requiring creativity - and you will be overwhelmed by what is available. Instead of complaining about lack of momentum and opportunity, my clients are now complaining loudly about how difficult it is to find talent!

This is GREAT news!

If you are unemployed, consider starting a business.

If you are feeling the crunch of the layoffs of a few years ago, retool your skills and reset your vision.

If you are an entrepreneur, or a driver of performance at any level… THANK YOU.

The less we speak about how bad the economy IS, the less is it BAD.

(Horrible grammar- but I DON’T CARE!)

Let’s go from a whisper to a scream.

Let’s focus on growth, hiring, innovation, spirit, and vision.

Let’s SCREAM about the enduring value and power of HARD WORK.

And then let’s get up 10 minutes early tomorrow, and GET TO IT!

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