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"As An Executive" Post # 2

As an executive, Deeper Dialogue needs to be an orchestral guideline for the way that you leverage Leadership Language.

Since "it's all about the language", there are specific components of the Deeper Dialogue™ mindset and technique architecture.

When we explore Structured Thinking™, we have Deeper Dialogue™ as our reference sheet.

First, let’s open the box of stars that we refer to as Structured Thinking™.

Structured Thinking is defined as:

'Whole brain thinking meets creativity, meets passionate pursuit of the rare.'

Seemingly an oxymoron, we coined this phrase to alert clients and other practitioners to the work involved. We may find the easy path… eventually, but the easy path is not where Executives and Future Executives have chosen to spend their time.

As we incorporate skills, sharpen our intuition and rely more on our refined instincts, we are left with the raw materials with which we build our mental cathedral.

I use the image of a cathedral to illustrate size, formidability, tone, creativity and all other powers that we gather as part of our pursuit of Deeper Dialogue™, Structured Thinking™ and Moving Conversations Forward™.

Our goal is also our process. This may sound overtly Zen… and that’s ok. All of this work is done in that quizzical territory between the head and the heart. The mental calm needed to think clearly invites us to find quiet time. If you have ever seen my business card, you are familiar with the “Every Day List”. If not, there are several ways for you to get access.

* If you have not acquired “Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire” we would be happy to send you the Chapter from that Audio project that explains the Every Day List. Email us here: with the subject line: “Every Day List Chapter” and we will send a free download

* Send me a handwritten note with YOUR business card, and I will write you back. I always include three of my cards, imploring people to “Keep one – give Two Away!”

That said, one of the key affirmations is to Meditate | Pray | Be Silent.

Hundreds… possibly thousands of people have sent us comments and encouragement about this specific component of the Every Day list, as it is seemingly simple, yet nowhere near EASY.

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