For Individuals

1-on-1 Coaching

Coach K offers two levels of individual coaching based on your current role, with unlimited potential for growth. You will establish a framework to take you from your current level of success to your ultimate objective.



2-4 Hours

Ideal For

Small business owners

Booking Time

2 months advance

# of Attendees


Target Locations



$80-100 per hour

Coach K's Methodology

How will working with Coach K guide, inspire, and direct you significantly further along on your path?

Precisely defined steps, combined with improvisation, situational creativity, and accountability lead us to an arena of conversation that will require you to go deeper.

Deeper into your potential, deeper into your vision for yourself and the work you do, deeper into the Power of Language.

Real Results

“Every step on my path, I have heard the echo of my conversations with Coach K.”

– T Katler, Serial Entrepreneur


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