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John Klymshyn has authored 3 acclaimed sales and leadership books aimed at teaching and developing successful sales and management techniques. Pulling from his decades of experience and the wisdom of other industry leaders, Coach K provides valuable insights for professionals at any level.

Move the Sale Forward

The first of John Klymshyn’s acclaimed sales and leadership books, Move the Sale Forward shares practical secrets and tools for salespeople at any level.

Move the Sale Forward book

The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide

An aggregation of wisdom from 18 interviews with successful sales leaders that aims to guide managers to develop and inspire their teams.

The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide book

How to Sell Without

Being a Jerk

A no-nonsense resource teaches you to replace traditional sales methods with modern techniques to break through the “pushy” salesman stereotype.

How to Sell Without Being a Jerk book

Praise for Coach K

"Klymshyn not only understands this great profession, he relates the passion and fun of managing sales people in this wonderful guide. We have waited for this for some time."
Rand Sperry, cofounder, Sperry Van Ness, Commercial Real Estate Advisors

"Klymshyn not only throws the challenge out there to sales managers to be the 'ultimate sales manager,' he shows us how to get there, step by step."
—Paula Kutka, Editor in Chief, staffdigest magazine

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