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Who is Coach K?

John Klymshyn

John Klymshyn is a Navy veteran who quickly rose in the ranks of the recruiting industry upon his return to the U.S. After discovering his true passion lies in the training and development of professionals, Coach K dove head first into sales seminars and coaching, ultimately leading to the creation of the Business Generator, Inc. in 1999.

Now, 20 years later, Coach K has authored 3 acclaimed leadership and sales books, 2 audiobooks, an extensive video training series, and hosts a podcast. He also provides seminars, retreats, and one-on-one coaching designed to teach executives (and future executives) to discover their creative potential and leadership capabilities to close high revenue sales, all while connecting to their personal purpose.

Professional Highlights

  • Conducting over 40 sales seminars a year quickly led to John offering coaching programs – soon after he met a publisher named James Walsh and his first book “Move the Sale Forward” was published. 

  • “The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide” was released in 2006, followed by “How To Sell Without Being A Jerk” in February of 2008.

  • His publications and their promotion have led to him speaking in Mexico, Hawaii, Ireland, Canada, and every major city in the U.S. 

Coach K Staring

Coaching Methodology

Coaching is a demanding and very personal experience. Coach K will ask you to dig deeper, open your mind, and be willing to let go of your habits and preconceptions. You’ll quickly get to the heart of your mental blocks with Coach as your objective guide, and find clarity in taking action towards your future.


Those working with Coach can expect to develop a deeper connection with their peers and clients, increase productivity and leadership abilities, close more high-revenue deals, and find more enjoyment in their work. See what real clients have to say about working with Coach K.

Coach has been my aide, guide, confidant, and respected advisor on my entire journey from VP of Sales to the C-Suite role I now hold.

- Nolan Farris

Chief Revenue Officer,

For anyone who follows Coach K, but has yet to engage in a coaching conversation, you're missing out.  Through a series of intensive conversations early in 2018, myself and Coach were able to re-establish my purpose, create a path to success for my team, and break new records in my market from records we created last year. 

- Jamie S.

As another year goes by, reflecting on the wisdom of encounters and quality time spent with Coach K continue to ring true. It ages better than fine wine and makes you better by living out the content....

- Andrew Rainone

Senior Director, T-Mobile NE

Frequently Asked Questions

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