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For Companies

Coach K provides highly energetic, insightful speaking engagements to help take your team or organization to its full potential, whether it be in sales, leadership, or communication.

Keynotes / Fireside Chats

Be prepared for a dynamic, interactive interview in which Coach K will have the audience leaning forward in their seats. No two events are the same, with each tailored specifically to your organization.


High energy, engaging, and deeply informative, Klymshyn believes that every Seminar should be a fun and enlightening event for all participants. Each topic is addressed with passion and authority while employing the Socratic Method. Students are not lectured to or told facts, but rather taught that their abilities can improve whether they have been in that role for seven days or seven years.

Team Building

Help your team see their role in the bigger vision of your company. With Coach K, it's all about the language. Your team will leave with increased focus, clarity, commitment, and passion.

Get in touch.

Schedule Coach K for your next event or find out which option is right for your organization.

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