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Keynotes / Fireside Chats

Coach K is the Atypical Keynote Speaker.

No PowerPoint, no cute or “heartwarming” videos. A “Fireside Chat” with John Klymshyn engages your audience by involving a member of your Executive Team.



55 minutes

Ideal For

Large meetings, where attendees are being developed to be more relational, more human, and to make their contributions and role more profitable

Booking Time

Up to 6 months in advance

# of Attendees

Up to 300

Target Locations

  • North America

  • Europe (Dublin to Prague)


  • In Continental US & Canada:

    • $8500 + travel and expenses​

  • ​Hawaii:​

    • $8500 + Business Class Air & Hotel​

  • Outside of N. America:

    • $12,500 + Business Class Air, Meals, + 2 nights in Hotel​

Coach K's Methodology

This format creates an immediate and fascinating dialogue, where your audience leans forward in their chairs, essentially listening to a live podcast / talk show.

Your Board Member or Sponsor is prepped in advance with questions and Coach K responds. He then takes the talk into arenas that engage and inspire the audience. This is where the unique, immediate air of the event become apparent, and the fun begins. No two presentations are the same.


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Real Results

“My meetings are shorter, more powerful as a result of me rethinking my intent, and my increasing my planning.”

– S. McManus, Director of Sales


To book Coach K for your keynote or find out how he can impact your next event, schedule a call today.

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