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Team Building

Coach takes your team through an exploration of potential, reality, and the flash point created when the two intersect. Previous clients have reduced turnover, increased focus, identified strengths and opportunities, and have established roles and responsibilities for the coming 12-month period with clarity, commitment, and passion.

The team leaves with the mantra: “Purpose. Clarity. Planning. Execution.” ™



1 Day (8:30 am - 4:00 pm)

Ideal For

  • High-potential teams looking for laser focus

  • Teams who need to assess strengths and opportunities

# of Attendees

Up to 24

Target Locations

Client's location

Booking Time

75 days in advance


$12,500 plus travel expenses

Coach K's Methodology

With Coach K, "It’s all about the language," meaning that during this event, exercises and small group work is folded into frank discussion of:

  • Who the team is

  • What potential everyone sees for the team

  • The team's definition of one or more of the following:

    • What it means to be a pro

    • How we want to be perceived

    • What they TRULY believe they are capable of accomplishing, completing, conquering or winning


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Real Results

“Every step on my path, I have heard the echo of my conversations with Coach K.”

– T Katler, Entrepreneur


Find out how Coach K's Team Building event can push your team to their greater potential, and book today.

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